Accelerating Privacy-Preserving Research in the Age of COVID-19

  1. There is a critical need for epidemiological and public health research to inform effective policy responses and ensure transparent, equitable, and evidence-based policymaking.
  2. There is an abundance of novel data sources available to drive such research and policy-making, such as data relating to population movements, self-reported symptoms, economic activity, test results, and hospital capacity. Research and insights from these datasets could save lives if enacted into policy.
  3. Unfortunately, use of these datasets entails massive potential privacy risks, and also requires large up-front costs in terms of purchasing, ingesting, and transforming data.
  • How do communities formulate effective reopening plans that balance growth against safety, while also providing transparency and equity?
  • How can public health officials evaluate the effects of COVID-mitigation policies (e.g. social distancing rules, travel bans, quarantine rules, and school closures), so that policymakers can continuously learn from and improve policy going forward?
  • How can the Alliance introduce universities and governments to the power of big data and foster collaboration?
  1. A Data Ingestion Enclave is responsible for sourcing and ingesting information from a variety of proprietary vendors who have made their data accessible to the Alliance, including XMode, SafeGraph, and others.
  2. A Data Lake powered by Snowflake and compartmentalized by Immuta, our data governance provider, allows for the separation of data by category and use case, along with deeper protections to shield sensitive columns or data attributes.
  3. The Data Analytics & Research Enclaves combines the latest in interactive analytics and machine learning environments to provide a consolidated experience with strong security controls across all layers of the ecosystem.



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The Center for New Data

The Center for New Data

A new kind of data nonprofit, born from the pandemic to advance policy research for the public interest. Our programs: Covid Alliance & Observing Democracy.